About the laboratory and Quality Assurance

The laboratory

Shemen Industries’ Ltd. advanced and renewed laboratory is located in the midst of the Haifa site and is in the heart of the company’s activity. The laboratory tests the quality of all raw materials entering the factories. The laboratory tests the quality of the materials at sewerage stages in the process, and the quality of the final products and their shelf-life. The laboratory serves not only as a quality control tool, but also as a center for answering the evolving markets’ constant research and development requirements and the need to comply with international trends and standards.
Hundreds of thousands of dollars have been invested in the laboratory’s equipment and investments continue. Today it is considered a leading laboratory in Israel, and amongst the most advanced laboratories in the country.
The laboratory develops analytical methods for quality assurance procedures using unique technologies (some are even unique to Israel), in order to answer customer needs. The quality assurance procedures are executed in two main ways – one by strict chemical examinations done by the professional laboratories’ staff, the other is by the use of advanced bio-technical equipment.

Our customers have an access to a range of advanced digital tools:

The NIR is a renown tool for testing seeds and meal quality. Its relatively accurate response to all the parameters which are required for quality assessment to meet with strict quality standards is issued within thirty seconds. For comparison the seeds and meal would be chemically tested, for as long as six hours, as per AOCS, FOSFA and GAFTA methods and procedures.
The HPLC examines levels of Vitamin E in the oils. At Shemen Industries’ laboratory, we have developed a unique method for using this tool.
The GC is a gas chromatography tool, a precise and reliable tool for checking the quality of the oils and fatty-acids profile.
These are only a few of the tools in Shemen Industries’ Ltd. advanced laboratory enabling us to have an exact picture of the ingredients’ and products’ quality.

The laboratory tests are conducted according to AOCS methods and according to the international FOSFA and GAFTA procedures. Thus, each shipment that is on its way to the customer, each truck which enters or exits the factory, has undergone a many tests, a total of over 100 tests a day.

Quality Assurance and Control Process

Upon the arrival of any grain or raw material samples are taken and tested. The raw materials are divided into two main categories:
A. Beans and seeds, such as: Soybeans and Rapeseeds, which will be crushed, refined packed and delivered under the Quality Assurance controlled procedures.
B. Animal feed products such as meals and grains locally purchased or imported and supplied to customers under the Quality Assurance controlled procedures.
Following the initial check, each manufactured product undergoes series of control and quality tests:
Quality tests at several stages of the manufacturing process.
Quality tests at the final manufacturing stage.
Quality test for the products’ maximal shelf-life
The Company operates under the strict standards of quality assurance – ISO 9001:2001.

The laboratory as a customer service tool

Shemen Industries’ Ltd. laboratory develops its products in cooperation with its customers. We develop products whose parameters are designed in accordance with our customers’ requirements and comply with international and Israeli standards.

During the development process we test the ingredients and involve our customers in the experiments. This gives the ability to improve our final products according to our customers’ specific requirements.

We make sure to keep in constant and direct contact with our customers and issue surveys in order to receive valuable feedback regarding their satisfaction from our service, availability, prices and of-course, the quality of our products.

The laboratory and quality assurance’s staff are composed of professionals and leading food and chemistry engineers, quality-assurance engineers and internal controllers. All undergo constant internal and external examinations so that they keep improving in order to ensure that the quality and efficiency to which Shemen Industries Ltd. is dedicated, will be preserved.

The laboratory and Quality Assurance manager is Mr. Asaf Ovadia, Bsc in food engineering and biotechnology.