The Trade Division of Shemen Industries Ltd. constitutes of a substantial, professional and experienced logistic platform in marine shipping of bulk seeds, animal feed products and vegetable oils to Israel.
Purchasing is one of the most important activities for which the Trade Division is responsible. It stretches across lands and continents, comprising of the knowledge and experience which has been acquired over the years. It manages the provision of hundreds of thousands of tons of quality ingredients to the factories in Israel.
The Trade Division in Shemen Industries Ltd. imports over 300,000 tons per year of oil-seeds, grains and animal feed products in bulk and together with a strategic partner in the eastern Mediterranean, as much as 700,000 tons a year. We purchase oil-seeds, vegetable oils and animal feed products globally; from U.S.A., Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay, Western Europe, Russia, Ukraine and other Black Sea countries. The goods are purchased under strict contract terms and under FOSFA and GAFTA regulations and vessels are chartered under common charter-party regulations.

The Trade Division of Shemen Industries Ltd. has acquired a substantial amount of data in regards to origination and quality assurance of raw materials. This knowledge has been acquired over many years which allowd the division to gain experience in origination, export, import and logistics. Our purchasing system maintains direct contact with farmers and cooperatives at origin. This communication network stands a clear advantage in quality assurance of raw materials, the improvement of the factories’ productivity and in genuine land-field information. The Trade Division of Shemen Industries ltd. is proud of its great logistic platform in dry-bulk shipping that has no match in terms of frequency and flexibility in Israel.
All raw materials undergo quality tests even before they are shipped. One goal – uncompromising quality.