Sales and Marketing of grains and meals for animal nutrition

The oilseeds extraction process produces a residual protein source called meal used mainly for animal feed. These products, particularly the Soybean meal, are a high quality source for essential crude proteins for the animal feed diet.
The Trade Division of Shemen Industries Ltd. is the largest meal manufacturer in Israel, with about 35% of the Israeli meal market. The Company invests considerable resources in producing, selling, and supplying customers with meals and animal feed of the highest quality, with a professional and reliable service, as expected from the leading feedstuff supplier.

The Trade Division of Shemen Industries Ltd. organizes professional workshops and presentations for its customers in order to enrich their knowledge on the global feed market and innovative nutrition trends.

Our renowned professionalism and expertise in the field is attested and proven by the quality of our customers such as Ambar, Miloubar, Tzemach, Tadmir, Assam Hagalil and other feed-millers, as well as many feed centers, Kibbutzs and cattle farms – hundreds of customers.