The laboratory as a customer service tool

Shemen Industries’ Ltd. laboratory develops its products in cooperation with its customers. We develop products whose parameters are designed in accordance with our customers’ requirements and comply with international and Israeli standards.

During the development process we test the ingredients and involve our customers in the experiments; this way we are able to improve our final products according to our customers’ exact requirements.

We make sure to keep in constant and direct contact with our customers and issue surveys in order to receive from them feedback regarding the quality of our products and their satisfaction from our service, availability, prices and of-course, quality.

The laboratory and quality assurance’s staff is composed of professionals and leading food and chemistry engineers, quality-assurance engineers and internal controllers. All undergo constant internal and external examinations so that they keep improving and in order to ensure that the quality and efficiency to which Shemen Industries Ltd. is dedicated, be preserved.

The laboratory and Quality Assurance manager is Mr. Asaf Ovadia, Bsc in food engineering and biotechnology.

The international commodity market

The Trade Division of Shemen Industries Ltd. obviously lives the international commodity market, every day and every hour, in order to remain updated on the soybeans, grains, oils and meals markets. We follow both the futures market developments and the world cash markets’ activities closely. It is our duty as the leading Israeli crusher.

As part of the services offered to our customers, we supply market outlook and professional advice as to the purchasing of grain, oils and meals commodities in the evolving international markets. These markets are influenced by global supply and demand of crops and products, the weather, speculative investments and many other events. Our view of our customers is as our strategic partners, and this essential comprehensive data is offered in order to expand their knowledge and increase the efficiency of their operation.