The Company Profile

As history tells us…
The year – 1906. The place – Haifa, Israel (Palestine)
The vision – Founding an edible oil-manufacture in the Holly Land. The characters – Nahum Wilbosh, Samuel Pozner and Nahum Arman.
These were the days of the British Mandate and it seemed almost a dream those days in Palestine to think of raising one million dollars in order to build an oil factory; but those Russian immigrants managed to surpass all bureaucratic obstacles in a land under foreign rule, and to realize their dream.
Days to come, SHEMEN has earned a name and reputation for itself in Haifa as well as in Israel. From mainly an olive oil press in 1920, soap and cosmetics’ processing , and then going on to produce margarine and various vegetable oils, such as Soybean, Sunflower, Corn, Rapeseeds and Palm oils.
The dream of Nahum Wilbosh and his fellow Zionists from Minsk has become a cornerstone for the Israeli economy, even before Israel’s independence, and until now. Today, Shemen is proud in its crushing, refining and bottling abilities, an oil manufacturing museum, hundreds of workers, stock market shares and market-leading customers in Israel and in the Eastern Mediterranean.
The Trade Division of Shemen Industries Ltd is a commercial department which specializes in supplying ingredients to the food and feed industries. The Trade Division is responsible for the import of the oilseeds and for the selling of the factories’ product to the food and feed industries. The Division supplies the Israeli food industry with quality bulk oils, and the feed industry with meal and other animal feed ingredients. The Trade Division of Shemen Industries Ltd was established in order to professionally respond to the requirements of the Israeli industry, which has evolved from the 1950’s until today; and indeed, through the years it has become the leading supplier in Israel in its four main activity fields:

Sales and marketing to the Israeli food industry

The vegetable oils of Shemen Industries’ Ltd. play a major part in the food that Israelis eat; as a matter of fact, oils are present in most of the foods we consume. The Trade Division maintains extensive commercial agreements with leading food manufacturers in the market and delivers to its customers functional reliable and with the highest quality standards products and professional services.
Shemen Industries and its’ Trade Division is a renown brand in the oil market in Israel. The Company’s logo in itself is an asset reflecting the years of experience in delivering quality oils, fats and oil related products.
Shemen Industries’ Ltd Trade Division leads a policy of commercial partnership with its’ industrial clients. This includes research and development of quality and functional products for the benefit of the consumer. The Trade Division of Shemen Industries Ltd supplies professional market outlooks and advice as to the purchasing of oils in the fluctuating environments of cash premiums and CBOT prices.
The Trade Division of Shemen Industries Ltd is proud to be the main supplier of high quality oils to the leading food manufacturers in Israel including: Strauss-Elit, Osem, Unilever, Of-Tov, Tivol, Tnuva and many others.
In Israel it’s well known for years, that Shemen Industries Ltd is synonym for top quality vegetable oils. Today, Shemen Industries’ Trade Division is proud to account for about 30% of the oil market for the food industry in Israel. Generally speaking, we are the only company in Israel branding and marketing added valued oils.

Sales and marketing to the feed industry – meals and feed grains.

The oilseeds extraction process produces a residual protein source mainly used for animal feed and called meal. These products, particularly the Soybean meal, are a high quality source for essential crude proteins for the animal feed diet. The Trade Division of Shemen Industries Ltd. is the largest meal manufacturer in Israel, with about 35% of the Israeli meal market. The Company invests considerable resources in producing, selling, and supplying customers with meals and animal feed of the highest quality, with a professional and reliable service, as expected from the leading feedstuff supplier.
The Trade Division of Shemen Industries Ltd. organizes professional workshops and presentations for its customers, in order to enrich their knowledge on the global feed market and innovative nutrition trends. Our renowned professionalism and expertise in the field, is attested and is proven by the quality of our customers such as Ambar, Miloubar, Tzemach, Tadmir, Assam Hagalil and other feed-millers, as well as many feed centers, Kibbutzs and cattle farms – hundreds of customers.

Dry and liquid bulk purchasing and import

The purchasing is one of the most important activity for which the Trade Division is responsible. It stretches across lands and continents, comprising of the knowledge and experience which has been acquired over the years. It manages the provision of hundreds of thousands of tons of quality ingredients to the factories in Israel.
The Trade Division in Shemen Industries Ltd. imports oil-seeds, grains and animal feed products in bulk over 300,000 tons per year, and together with a strategic partner in the eastern Mediterranean, as much as 700,000 tons a year. We purchase oil-seeds, vegetable oils and animal feed products globally; from U.S.A., Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay, Western Europe, Russia, Ukraine and other Black Sea countries. The goods are purchased under strict contract terms and under FOSFA and GAFTA rules and vessels are chartered under common charter-party rules.
The Trade Division of Shemen Industries Ltd. has acquired a substantial amount of data in the regards of origination and quality assurance of raw materials. This knowledge has been acquired over many years when the division gained experience in origination, export, import and logistics. Our purchasing system maintains direct contact with farmers and cooperatives at origin. This communication network stands a clear advantage in quality assurance of raw materials, the improvement of the factories’ productivity and in genuine land-field information. The Trade Division of Shemen Industries ltd. is proud of its great logistic platform in dry-bulk shipping that has no match in terms of frequency and flexibility in Israel.

Research & Development and Quality Assurance

The Trade Division of Shemen Industries Ltd. invests considerable resources in upgrading, developing and assuring the quality of its products, in order to comply with international standards. We constantly upgrade our products’ quality thanks to the research and development efforts stemming from our customers’ demand innovative products. The Company’s food technologist assists all customers’ needs including for new development of products.
Shemen Industries Ltd. is acting today under the strict international standards ISO 9001:2000 as well as according to the Israeli standard in quality assurance in regards of manufacturing and packaging. The Company’s laboratories operate according to AOCS, the Israeli standard and the international trade rules of agreements FOSFA and GAFTA methods. In addition, all feed products are under the surveillance of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Health.

The Oilseed Products Market

The oil, meal and feed grains market is a dynamic and fascinating one. At any given moment world trade is moving millions of tons of raw materials across the globe.

In Shemen Industries’ Trade Division we are committed to the reliability of our products and service since 1906 untill today and for the years to come.