Organizational structure and the Management team

Board of Directors

Chaim Fink - Chairman of the Board

Yehuda Kaminski - Director

Chaim Dvir - Director

Sharon Chainere - Director

Saul Yahalom - External Director

Tzvi Shur - External Director

Company Management

Eyal Ben Sira - CEO

Yossi Markovich - CFO

Guy Shapira - VP, Trade Division Manager

Aliza Kleinberg - HR Manager

Oded Izsak - VP Marketing and Development

Eytan Chainere - VP Purchasing and Risk Manager

Alon Ashkenazi - VP Supply Chain Manager

The company structure

Shemen Industries Ltd. was registered as a company in London, 1920, and became a public company in the Israeli stock market in 1961. Between the years 1970-1997, the Company operated within the framework of the Koor holding-company, and since then the control of the company was aquired by Koralon Ltd. Shemen Industries Ltd. manufactures, trades, develops and market a wide variety of quality oils fats and meals mainly to the local food and feed markets respectively.
As in all public companies, its board of directors consists of directors appointed by the share holders and the public; they are responsible for monitoring the Company’s activities and for appointing the general manager. The current general manager of Shemen Industries Ltd. is Mr. Haim Inselberg. The managing structure consists of two profit center divisions: the Food Division and the Trade Division; The Supply Chain division supports the business divisions in manufacturing and logistics.
Shemen Industries’ Ltd. management is based in “Shemen Beach” in the main production site in the Haifa bay, adjacent to Haifa port, that same spot where the Company’s vision first arose in 1906.

The Food division

The Food Division of Shemen Industries Ltd. focuses on the development selling and marketing of quality vegetable oils and additional food products for the retail and institutional customers including food chains, private supermarkets, catering companies, hotels, restaurants etc. The Food Division of Shemen Industries Ltd. dominates the local retail oil sector, with close to 50% market share of the bottled oil market and about 40% of the institutional oil market in Israel (such as restaurants and hotels). In the framework of its responsibilities, the Food division manages the renown brands: Etz Hazait and Miloumor, virtually including all the main vegetable oils: Soyabean oil, Olive oil, Sunflower oil, Rapeseed oil, Corn oil and Palm oil.
The Food Division of Shemen Industries Ltd. developed series of various premium quality oils brands with health added values, such as the Vegetable oils enriched with Vitamin E and Vegetable oils “health from nature”. They are the fruit of long and considerable product development, investment and knowledge and are unique products in the local market. In addition, the Food division has strategically started marketing and branding its oil products via the digital media.
The Food Division of Shemen Industries Ltd. is managed by Mr. Gabi Edri, Vice President and manager of the Food Division and based in Haifa bay at “Shemen Beach”.

The Trade Division

The Trade Division of Shemen Industries Ltd. is responsible for importing the beans and seeds and for selling the products of the Company’s factories to the food and feed industries. The Division supplies mainly bulk sales and markets quality oils and margarines to the Israeli food industry; and meal and other animal feed ingredients to the animal feed industry.
The Trade Division of Shemen Industries Ltd. accounts for some 35% of the bulk oil local market, and is the leading producer and supplier in the Israeli meal and animal feed market. In order to be always aware of the global dynamics of these commodities, the Trade Division maintains direct and constant contact with farmers, suppliers, brokers and analysts abroad informing us constantly about the relevant production prospects, supply and demand and all relevant information regarding these commodities. These abilities and knowledge are at the service of our customers and constitute a significant benefit for them.
The Trade Division is managed by Mr. Eytan Chainere – Vice President and manager of the Trade Division, in the company since 1998.

The Supply Chain Division

The Supply Chain Division serves a major and essential role in supporting the two profit center divisions by crushing, manufacturing, refining, packing and supplying the products to their final destination – the customers. The Supply Chain division is managed by Mr. Yair Rifkin